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their official footage of the Aug. Facebook Twitter. KVUE's McAlister: "Those people that are taking this video are concerned that. more likely than not will live a different life when all this is said and done. Video of the incident shows a man arrested in Austin.McAlister was upset with the arrest and the officer. Watching the video of the violent incident, the victim can be heard asking “What the heck are you all doing?” and “Why am I being manhandled?” The man's driver's license was reportedly confiscated. When he asked for it back, a responding officer allegedly punched the man in the face. . Then they start throwing punches, hitting him, then the video goes black and then starts again. "But something has to be done about this, because I mean, we’re supposed to be able to live in peace and harmony. The man is placed in the back of a police car. Austin police say the driver was bleeding from the head, and they feared he would have a concussion. Video of the incident shows several officers handcuffing the man, and then one officer punches the man in the head and another holds him down while another officer punches him in the face.... “The safety and security of our Austin community is a priority, and we’re responding with the necessary steps to ensure the person involved is in custody. “We’re investigating the incident. . We don't need to be throwing punches, no, what we're doing is standing on the corner in the cold and the rain, asking people for change, and those people — and they need to know that. A police officer can be seen punching the man, while another punches him in the face. ... This is not a game, this is not a TV show. This is our community, it's our city, and we need to go out and to the area. Video of the incident shows the victim lying in the street after being punched. The officers had handcuffed the man by that time. The men's names are not released. The video shows officers in Austin, Texas, tasering the driver multiple times. A crowd of people can be seen surrounding the man, as police arrest the driver. . An Austin police officer punched the man in the face. A man and his father filmed the scene in the street outside a police station. The video shows the victim



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Beat Up Editor V1 68 Yahoo People seveann
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